Welcome to our comprehensive guide on applying for 金融援助 at TCC. Your journey begins by taking the first step and applying for admission to TCC. 本指南将引导您完成整个过程, ensuring you have the support and resources needed to secure financial aid for your education.

如果您有问题或需要帮助, our financial aid advisors can help you through the process.

联系财政援助 学生资助手册


获得联邦学生资助, you must be admitted to TCC as a degree-seeking student and provide all necessary transcripts. 入学s application for the following academic school year becomes available after September.

Federal regulations require all students applying for financial aid to provide TCC with their final high school transcript or documentation certifying their GED or home school credentials.

You must submit all official final academic transcripts from each college or university attended. If you are currently attending another college or university, have the official academic transcript sent at the end of the term once all grades for classes are listed.





All roads to 金融援助 begin with completing the FAFSA. Enter TCC的联邦学校代码(009763) 作为收到你的FAFSA成绩的学校. Allow at least two weeks for your application to be sent to TCC. 你可以在10月1日之后的任何时间完成FAFSA. 一些拨款项目的资金是有限的. For your best opportunity to receive grant aid, complete the FAFSA no later than February 1.

完成你的FAFSA 参加FAFSA研讨会


This instructional video can help you understand how to fill out your FAFSA


Complete your FAFSA to kickstart your financial aid journey, and then dive into the wealth of support we offer to help you succeed.



第三步:选择你的学位 & Major

要获得经济援助,你必须寻求一个 关联项目 文学副学士(文学学士.A.),理学副学士(理学学士).S.),应用科学副学士(理学学士).A.S.)度,或其中一个 证书项目 获批准申请经济资助. 

If you are undecided about which degree program is right for you, you can get help from an 学术顾问 在任何一个TCC校区. 


Make an appointment with your 学术顾问 soon after receiving your admittance notice declared the 学位或证书课程 你在寻找.



在MyTCC门户中, you will have access to your TCC email account and the MyTCC财务援助仪表板 where you will find important information about your financial aid. 

  1. Visit your MyTCC财务援助仪表板 after mid-February to check for additional requirements or documentation requests. 
  2. Check your email account and 金融援助 Dashboard regularly for missing documents, 状态更改, 以及其他有用的信息. This is the primary way you will receive notices from the 金融援助 & 奖学金办公室.



Review TCC scholarship opportunities and complete the TCC Foundation Scholarship Application. Scholarship opportunities for the following academic school year become available in October. 





Financial aid offers, including student loan offers, go out in April. 您可以查看,接受和拒绝奖励 MyTCC财务援助仪表板


The first question you may ask yourself as you begin your journey toward a college degree is “how am I going to pay for my education?” There are many types of financial aid available to support you along the way.

The types and amounts of aid awarded are determined by financial need, 资金的可用性, 学生分类, 学习成绩.


Any financial aid funds left after your tuition and fees are paid are sent to you as a refund. 


TCC has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund to ensure that your refund gets to you as quickly as possible. 了解更多关于退款的信息.




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The 1965年高等教育法 established the rules under which all federal aid is administered. 修订的, the Higher Education Act requires that each recipient of funds under the Federal Pell Grant, 联邦补充教育机会补助金, 联邦半工半读的, 俄克拉荷马州学费援助补助金, 直接补贴贷款或直接无补贴贷款, or PLUS programs maintain satisfactory progress in his/her course of study. The financial aid policy does not prevent a recipient from continuing to enroll as a student or receiving other types of financial aid.

According to the guidelines set forth by the Department of Education, students who start college for the first time after July 1, 2012, must have a high school diploma or an official equivalent to a high school diploma, 比如普通教育文凭, in order to receive financial aid at the institution that he/she is attending. 你需要提交正式的, final high school transcripts as proof of graduation from high school to any TCC 招生 Services office. If you completed high school through a homeschool setting, you must submit official transcripts with your graduation date, as well as ACT scores (either national or residual scores.)

You must be enrolled in an eligible program of study at TCC to be considered eligible to receive Federal Student Aid (FSA) funds. Someone is considered a regular student when they are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at TCC for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate offered by TCC.