TCC has served Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma since 1970. Now Oklahoma’s largest, multi-campus community college, TCC serves approximately 20,000 students in college programs annually. Four fully equipped campuses — Metro, 东北, 东南, and West — populate the Tulsa area, along with several community sites in the suburban areas.

TCC serves more Oklahomans than any other higher education institution in the state and is proud of the fact that more than 70% of graduating students complete TCC debt free. 

Creative, innovative learning environments on every campus keep pace with rising career areas. Students can choose from associate degree and certificate options ranging from bioscience to tomorrow’s technology.

  • 托马斯·K. McKeon Center for Creativity at Metro Campus is home to students engaged in journalism and broadcasting, digital and visual arts, and online learning
  • Center for Excellence in Energy Innovation at 东北 Campus focuses on alternative energy, with instruction in wind energy, 太阳能, 生物柴油燃料, electric transportation, and home energy audits.
  • Health Sciences and Biotechnology 学习中心 at 东南 Campus is the instructional center for future professionals in the biological, medical laboratory, 护理领域.
  • Veterinary Technology Center at West Campus acts as the learning laboratory in intensive nursing care, clinical laboratory procedures, 放射学, 麻醉学, 牙科, and surgical assistance for students preparing to become Registered Veterinary Technicians.

的 TCC Honors Program and Global Education Office each offer students options to deepen their study, examine global issues, foster cross-cultural perspectives, and engage in study abroad opportunities throughout the year.

Unveiling TCC’s Time Capsule

In 1995 in honor of Tulsa Junior College’s (now Tulsa 社区 College) 25th anniversary, a time capsule with items collected from students, faculty and staff was buried at Metro Campus with instructions to be opened in 2020 during the College’s 50th anniversary. 的 pandemic postponed unveiling the time capsule until 2021. Watch this video as TCC 总统 Leigh Goodson and former TCC 总统s Dean VanTrease and Tom McKeon reveal the items. You may also view a complete list of time capsule items.

Time Capsule Contents

See the original list of time capsule content.


(List of contents from 1970’s to 1990’s)

  • a 1970 Black Light Poster
  • Student Activities Packet
    • Tee Shirts of various Student 组织
    • Phi 的ta Kappa sash, collar, tassel and logo
    • Afro-American Student Alliance artifacts: Mud Cloth, pictures of the organization, literature and assorted items
    • Student Handbooks of the ‘70’s
    • Pictures of the first Student Affairs committee and the current committees
  • TJC Packet: 1970’s to 1990’s
    • Picture of various subjects of Metro Campus
    • 大学目录
    • 报纸上的文章
    • 珠宝
    • 1 pair LEGGS Pantyhose
    • 1 .情绪戒指
    • 2 TJC Record Albums of TJC’s Band and Chorus (originals)
    • 1 Computer Tape Canister with artifacts from the Bookstore
  • 90年代的TJC
    • Picture of various faculty members and others
    • 大学目录
    • 报纸上的文章
    • Copies of the 25th Celebration held on all campuses. 项目等.
    • Class schedules (first and current)
    • Articles of events from 1970 to 1995
    • Copy of the paper “Horrors and Heroes” (Oklahoma City bombing)
    • 1泰迪熊
    • Pictures of the other TJC 校园
    • 1 . TJC烟灰缸
    • 1 Tulsa County golf ball
    • Pictures of Fast Food and Microwave Dinners

18” from capsule to sidewalk N

Dean VanTrease Featured in Voices of Oklahoma

Former TCC 总统 Dean VanTrease was featured recently by the 大学 of Tulsa in a Voices of Oklahoma interview. 听医生说. VanTrease explain how the concept of a two-year college had to be sold to the Tulsa community and how the College was born and developed.